5 amazing ways to bring the beach to your home & office!

The crisp sunshine, swaying palm trees, clear waters and white sands, oh what bliss a beach can be! Beach holidays are best kind of fun; you wake up to the roar of the waves and watch the sun go down in a spectacular sunset. The salty breeze caressing you while you leave footprints on the sand, how many times have you wondered if you could just live at the beach?! Though life has its way of taking over and unless you are a scuba diver or own a beach shack, you need to get back to your city life. Here are some coastal design & ideas for inspiration if you want a coastal design for home or office –


  1. White Sands for coastal design idea & inspiration – The first image that hits you of the idyllic beach are the white sands. With the water lapping up the shiny white sands, it forms a perfect image for your bedroom or living room. It creates a sense of tranquility and immediately transports you to a coast! You can use these wallpapers for coastal design inspiration, summer beach waterswhite sandy beachwatery beach and bring in some variety with the starfish on beach.
  2. Palm trees for coastal design idea & inspiration – Lying down under the cool shade of the palm trees or lazing in a hammock tied to palm trees is what every holiday maker wants to do on a vacation. You can bring this into your coastal décor by tying up a hammock in your living room with beautiful beach wallpaper; the hammock can serve for seating as well as relaxing. You can use vintage palms for grungy look, Palms and Boat for that Asian feel and Life’s a Beach for that Goan holiday vibe.
  3. Sunset at beach for coastal design idea & inspiration – Nothing makes you contemplate and be at peace more than the sun setting at the beach and what is better than a sun downer. This is perfect for your dining room where you can entertain your guests with the company of the shining sun, the orange and warm colors of the sunset will make your guests feel comfortable. You can even use this in your living room, some of the great coastal design wallpapers are sunset at beach, the mesmerizing Palm sunset, enchanting Golden Sunset Waters and Still Sunset Waters.
  4. Ocean Jetty for coastal design idea & inspiration – A holiday at the beach will for sure take you to a jetty where the boats leave for journeys beyond, something about the wooden structure is enchanting to the mind and is a great image to be included in your office décor. If you love the coasts and jetties then these wallpapers are perfect for your office, Panoramic Jetty for the CEOs office, Jetty On Lake for the reception area, Summer Jetty for the boardroom and Jetty on Beach for the recreation area.
  5. Under water charm for coastal design idea & inspiration – No coastal theme home décor can be completed without enchanting underwater wallpaper. Be it the bedroom or the living room, underwater wallpaper with corals and fish can be a beautiful sight. You can also have an aquarium placed in one of the corners which will emphasize this theme in the home.


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Do you have any other ideas to include coastal design ideas & inspiration at your home or office, tell us in comments below!