Wall decor tips to ignite creativity in office space

Office Spaces cannot be dull and drab anymore, gone are the days of grey and white cubicles, today companies are becoming savvy and using wall decoration ideas to turn their offices into hubs of creativity. Creativity in employees is fostered when they have a fantastic office space to work out of; they feel good about working in a productive space and contribute more. Here are wall decor tips that you must use when getting a new office space or renovating to ignite creativity –

Wall Decor Tips for Reception Area

The reception area is like the face of the company office, the first impression is the best impression and companies spend a lot of time and money in turning out the best interior design for office. If you have a big lobby and reception then ensure that you utilize these wall decoration ideas to create a fantastic reception area.

  • One of the best wall decor tips is to use wallpaper that shouts out innovation and growth or even a world map to showcase the spread and strength of the company as a multinational company
  • If you have clients in multiple countries then one of the other DIY wall decor ideas include placing wall clocks showing the different time zones in other countries. You can use clocks which suit your office interior design.

Wall Decor Tips for Meeting Room

The meeting room in the office is the space of brainstorming, where it is crucial for creativity to foster for the growth of the company. The imagery and the wall decoration ideas in the room need to collaborate to create this atmosphere.

  • Use wallpaper to create appropriate images of ideas and innovation like brain maps, light bulbs or team work, which will spark your team to think out of the box.
  • Compulsorily have a white board or in fact encourage the use of glass wall as board itself. Writing and doodling thoughts is said to funnel creativity effectively

Wall Decor Tips for Conference Room

The conference room can be compared to the nerve center of the office, where teams are addressed and strategies communicated. This is the room where new employees are on-boarded, new product launches announced and important client meetings are held, hence this is the room which should best describe your company. This is why it’s important to have thoughtful wall decor ideas for this room.

  • Since the room is a powerhouse, you can use wallpapers which convey power, strength and focus of the company like metallic images or abstract buildings which signify towering strength
  • Wall decor ideas DIY can be done in the office itself by using photographs of important achievements or milestones that are framed and placed on the wall. This will motivate the employees to keep working harder

Wall Decor Tips for Private Offices

Private Offices in the company like those of CEO or senior executives need to reflect the taste and status of the company. Usually only select persons have the audience of these executives and they need to feel the importance of the office as well as ignite their passion to take the company to new heights, hence the wall decoration ideas that you use need to showcase this.

  • One of the best wall decor tips is to use wallpaper like that has a strong yet luxurious feel like a Bronze Texture wallpaper or to use a stately looking library wallpaper which gives an old world classical look
  • It is important to have a space on the wall to showcase the company achievements like awards and certificates because this will create admiration in the visitors and this is the easiest to wall décor ideas DIY that you can do in the office itself

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