Customise wallpaper is not a mere wall covering anymore, it has transcended into a piece of art itself. It has the capability to transform a room into any space your imagination can conjure!

This is why Print A Wallpaper is here, to bring your imagination to your walls, with its exclusive range of customise wallpapers that can be customised to your discerning taste. You can choose from 5,000 plus custom mural designs across categories like Nature, Floral, Texture, Seamless and many more which will amaze, stun and mesmerize you.

With Print A Wallpaper, you choose to live, work and entertain in a space that defines you and your personality. Be it the boardroom or bedroom, living room or schools, Print A Wallpaper can help you customise wallpaper for walls and transform your space however you want!

Choose us so you can choose more.

Technology Advantage

Print A Wallpaper is a specialty online store that not only retails but also manufactures customise wallpapers, which is why Print A Wallpaper is in a league apart from other providers. We take pride in our wall murals and offer the best quality and services along with it.

  • Top Notch Design capabilities – Our Design team works towards creating new and innovative designs which never cease to amaze our customers
  • Cutting edge production technology – We can customise wallpaper for walls to any room size specification leading to zero wastage and lower costs
  • High quality materials – We use the best materials that are not only PVC Free but also scratch and fire resistant to print wallpaper designs
  • Wide range of materials – We use three different wallpaper media so that you, the customer is spoilt for choice. We can produce any image you choose on Matt finish, Canvas Texture finish or Glitter finish wallpaper media – thereby ensuring you have the power to choose.

All these aspects make our wallpapers the best in the market!


Print A Wallpaper is a specialty online store offering customised wallpapers. Few of the many benefits which make Print A Wallpaper stand apart from the crowd are –

  • Design options – Design is the biggest reason Why Print A Wallpaper is a favorite of customers, you can choose from our 30+ categories to find the best one that suits your home or office. You can customise wallpaper for walls and need not settle with dull and generic designs anymore!
  • Production capabilities – Print A Wallpaper can print wallpaper designs according to your specification, wallpapers no longer come in preset sizes
  • Rich experience – Having delivered more than 2,000 orders Print A Wallpaper comes with an experience of offering the best product and services in the wallpaper industry
  • Quick Delivery – We ensure almost all our orders are produced and shipped out within 24-48 hours and you receive them within 7 working days.

Customer Benefits

Print A Wallpaper has happy customers who love our wallpapers, which adorn their walls, mainly because we take care that our wallpapers are –

  • Customized to taste – you can choose from 5,000 + print wallpaper designs and specify the size of the wall you want it on, no wall is too small!
  • Safe for residents – the wallpapers are PVC Free, odour free and have school & indoor air quality certification which is Why Print A Wallpaper is the choice of parents and caregivers
  • Fantastic to look at – you get a warranty on colors and can customise wallpaper for walls from our vibrant & trendy designs which look shiny and bright

Compare Print A Wallpaper with Local Wallpaper Retailers

Features Print A Wallpaper Local Retailers
Warranty on Colors upto 8 yrs No
Zero Wastage Yes No
Additional Glue / Adhesives Required No Yes
Vibrant Colorful Designs Yes Very Limited
Custom Size Yes No
Custom Design & Artwork Yes No
Organized Online Gallery Yes Poor Quality Gallery
Scratch Resistant Yes Selected Option & Expensive
Fire Resistant Yes Very Limited
Green Guard Certificate Yes No
School Certificate Yes No
Indoor Air Quality Certification Yes No

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