Sure! We offer installation service within 48 hours in Delhi-NCR and other metros of India for a nominal charge.

Yes, we send a detailed instruction sheet containing information on the positioning and alignment of wallpaper panels with every order within Delhi-NCR or throughout India.

You can, but we do not recommend it. Old wallpapers may lend a lumpy, layered look to the new wallpaper and hamper its finish. For best results, always install a new wallpaper after removing the older one.

No. For best results, wallpapers are installed on absolutely flat/smooth surfaces. Therefore, we recommend that you choose a smooth surface for installing our wallpapers to avoid bumps and achieve a perfect finish.

DO NOT install your wallpaper immediately! Wait for a few days so that the paint dries off completely. Wallpapers applied on wet and freshly painted walls may not stick to the surface properly or may cause the adhesive to stick to the paint. Additionally, when you remove your wallpaper, chances are that it will also peel away your paint. We suggest that you follow the paint manufacturer’s instructions meticulously and know exactly the amount of time your paint will take to cure before you can install anything on its surface.

Yes, you can install your wallpaper in a bathroom or any area with high moisture content, provided you take certain precautions. The wallpaper you choose for such areas must be coated with water-based polyurethane to make it water-resistant and provide added precaution for moisture. If you detect the presence of moisture behind the walls, you should use an adhesive containing mildewcide (used to kill mildew/moulds) to prevent the moisture from seeping into your wallpaper.

Generally our wallpapers won’t leave any sticky residue that damages the surface or appearance of your walls. However, in exceptional cases, if you do find little residues, you can easily get rid of them by wiping with a clean damp sponge, towel or cloth.

In most cases, your wall will not get damaged. However, we cannot guarantee the condition of your wall surface before you apply the wallpaper. Print a Wallpaper will not take any responsibility for any damage that occurs while removing the wallpaper or paint touch-ups that might be required.