4 Wallpapers To Make Your Living Spaces Come Alive

Often seen as brilliant tools of expression, wallpapers have always played a significant role in advertising and aesthetics. From being used for expressing various kinds of beliefs in bygone eras, wall murals have come a long way to being the center point of urban home décor. Modern homes have more streamlined interiors and each and every element of design is created to speak volumes. One such element that has found tremendous appreciation by designers, as well as clients, is wall mural painting. In this blog, we will explore the endless possibilities that mural designs on a wall can offer for your living spaces.

Decoding wall mural paintings

Originating from the Latin word, ‘murus’ that means ‘wall’, a wall mural painting literally means a work of art that is painted directly on the wall. Having gained popularity from the Chicano Art movement of the 1960s, wall mural paintings have evolved in various ways to being used by designers to convey their distinctive creative ability.

When Customers Want To Customize

While wall mural paintings can be spectacular to witness, more often than not, there is only a set of designs that most companies offer. Customers have to pick and choose from what’s given. At Print A Wallpaper, we understand the true value of a wall in today’s times, which is why there are options for endless customization.

Take a look at 4 such unique mural wallpapers that we can customize for you, at your convenience.

  • Thai Mural

The inner walls of Thai temples are picturesque, to say the least. Depicting thousands of tales from the lives of Lord Buddha and the Jatakas, the paintings are colourful and interactive. Our Thai Mural wallpaper is a beautiful rendition of Buddhist temples and several sacred elements that surrounded the life of Lord Buddha.

  • Tropical Jungle Mural

Grey skies, dense forests, exotic birds, and a slice of tropical paradise are all that one needs to rejuvenate on a vacation. When work becomes your priority, relaxation takes a backseat. We have created just the right mix of visual treats in this Tropical Jungle mural to keep your living spaces feel like a holiday at home, minus the travel and the expenses.

  • Indian Mural

The royal charm of the Rajput era continues to be inspirational for designers and customers alike. The luxury, the royalty, the richness, and the aristocracy of those days can be seamlessly added to one of your walls for a majestic feel. Our Indian Mural wallpaper depicts a royal Rajput procession at Jodhpur fort, in Rajasthan and it could be a powerful symbol for your living spaces.

  • Indian Abstract Mural

From farmers to pharmaceuticals and from windmills to spaceships, India is one of the leading countries in today’s times. In every field and in every industry, India is pacing up with its contributions and innovations. For an individual who loves modern India with all its developments, this Indian Abstract Mural is an ideal form of celebration of the country’s achievements.

Endless Wall Murals To Explore

Apart from these 4 unique mural wallpapers, we have a large section of quirky, comforting, abstract, and interactive designs to choose from. All you need to do is visit https://printawallpaper.com/product-category/wallpapers/india/ and choose the one that upholds what your living space truly represents.