Beautiful and Affordable Decor Ideas for Hotels

They say a hotel is as good as the services it provides. However the decor of a hotel also plays a major role in setting the first impression in the minds of the guests walking in. Whether your hotel is budget or luxury, the guests expect the best from it. The hotel should also make them feel like they have stepped in the lap of luxury. To help you achieve this, use wallpaper or wall murals on your hotel walls that will transform the look of your hotel and won’t cost a bomb. We have wall design ideas for your reception area, guest rooms and restaurants. Read on to get to know some beautiful and affordable decor ideas for hotels.


  1. Nature themed wall murals for Reception: A hotel’s reception area is the first place a guest sees the moment he arrives in the hotel. With our design ideas for hotels, bring in the greenery to your hotel’s reception with these beautiful nature inspired wall designs. Especially if your hotel is situated in a concrete jungle, a nature inspired wall design will rejuvenate your guests. Putting a nice design of waterfalls or green trees on the Reception will freshen up the mood of your guests and instantly relax them.
  2. Indian themed Wall Murals for guest rooms: India is a popular travel destination worldwide and having an Indian decor for your hotel will definitely find many admirers. Choose from some of our exclusive design ideas for hotels such as beautiful ethnic wall designs that adorn the walls of your guest rooms and compliment the decor of the hotel. Wall murals based on Rajasthani themes, Palaces, Ancient Caves, Religious places like Varanasi, Temples etc. will give your guest rooms an instant India connect. Your guests will definitely feel they are visiting every part of India with these Indian Themed wall murals.
  3. Retro Wall Designs for guest rooms: Retro is a great theme for a hotel that would like its guests to step into the golden era of the 70’s and 80’s. One can choose from wall designs that are based on antique carstextures and patterns, retro style of dressing and pop music. Take a hint from our design ideas for hotels and add interesting black and white or sepia effects to your hotel walls for a perfect retro look and compliment your quirky hotel decor.
  4. International themed wallpaper for guest room and lounges: Bring diversity to the decor of your hotel guest rooms and lounges by styling each room around a popular international location such as The Eiffel Tower in Paris, The Temples of Thailand, The Statue of Liberty in New York and The Big Ben in London. A fantastic decor idea for hotels, one can dramatically transform the rooms by using wall murals based of popular landmarks and market places that highlight the location. Guests will surely feel they have arrived .
  5. Text Based Wallpaper for restaurants: Another great decor idea for hotels are text based wall murals which are great for Restaurants or Café’s in your hotel. These text based wall murals can help create the right mood for your guests. Wallpapers with pictures of appetizing food you have to offer, interesting quotes, encouraging them to try your desserts can also help bring up your restaurant’s revenue.

Have something to add to these great and inspiring decor ideas for hotels? Please share your comments and let us know what you think!

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