Bring in Thailand to your living rooms with these Thai Murals

Thailand is a beautiful tropical country known for its exotic palaces, ancient Budhha temples and beautiful beaches. Whether you have visited Thailand or not you can bring Thailand home by adding beautiful Thai wall murals to your home decor. Wallpapers bearing beautiful Thai murals can be a great way to add an exotic element to your homes without burning a hole in your pocket. You can pick and choose which element of Thailand is your favorite and uplift the decor of your living room. Allow us to present our top decor ideas for living rooms to bring Thailand to your living room.


  • Thai Painting wall murals: The temples in Thailand have beautiful Buddha paintings on their walls depicting various stages of his life. Having one of these Buddha paintings in your home can be a great decor idea for living rooms. However these paintings are super expensive and importing them could be a big problem. Instead, use a Thai painting wall mural on the entire wall of your living room and instantly create an antique feel in your room. Using this decor idea for your living room will surely create an impactful wall and be an eyeful for your guests.
  • Temple wall murals: Thailand is known for its opulent Temples and adding them to the décor of your living room will not only add some tranquility, but also give it an international look. Use décor ideas such as a beautiful Thai temple mural in the background of your room but make sure the space is exclusive. As a beautiful Thai Temple mural is not only sacred but it’s larger than life as well. And it deserves its due respect!
  • Beach themed wall murals: No Thai themed décor can be complete without a beach themed wall mural! Add a Thai beach themed wall mural to the décor of your living room to add some freshness and nature to your walls. With this particular décor idea for living rooms your friends coming over for dinner would definitely be clicking selfies with the walls.
  • Thai Symbol wall murals: Thailand’s culture and traditions are so rich in nature that one can use Thai symbol wall murals to bring the same to their living rooms. This idea for living rooms goes perfectly with antique furniture and accessories. These Thai symbol wall murals will create a huge impact and add up to your living room décor.
  • Tropical Thai murals: Thailand is known for its natural beauty whether it is coral reefs or thriving rainforests. With this decor idea you can bring in nature to your home with a Thai twist, with these beautiful Thai Sakura wall murals or beautiful waterfalls in forest murals.

Do you like these top decor ideas for living rooms? Uplift your living room with these awesome Thai murals and let us know how it looks by sharing the pictures in the comments section below. Share your design tips too, we would love to hear from you!

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