Perfect Way to Hang Picture Frames in the Living Room – Your Gallery Wall

If you have a plain white wall in the midst of your home that you always wanted to redesign but didnt know how to? Then, you can simply bring vibrancy and warmth into your home and living room with multiple custom frames.

Yes, there are numerous abstracts, tropical, cities, and other styles of wall photo frames for the blank walls in your home which are available on Printawallpaper to pick from. Once you have ordered the gorgeous wall frames for your living room, you have to find the right angle to hang them to get that perfect look.

However, if you want to create a perfect gallery wall in your living room but you have no idea how to hang the photo frames perfectly, there’s a solution for you. By following these simple steps, you can easily hang your custom frames and design your own personal art gallery.

4 Easy Steps to Hang Pictures Frames

If you have ordered your favorite photo frame online, you don’t have to call a professional to hang it – just follow our lead –

Step 1. Get your Measurements Straight

To hang a photo frame, you have to keep your measurements clean. From the wall where you want to hang the frame to the its size, everything needs to be measured to the dot. When you want to hang multiple picture frames on your living room wall, you should divide the wall into separate sections so that you can easily accommodate the width and height of each frame.

Additionally, you should leave at least an inch of space around both sides of the frames because space adds a breather to your wall. Never clutter too many frames on one wall – that’s why measure your space precisely.

Step 2. Organize your Toolkit

Once you have measured the photo frames for that barren living room wall, you should get your toolkit to hang the frames. Based on the weight of the photo frame and material of the wall, you have to pick the right puncturing and hanging hardware. Some of the expert suggestions are –

  • To hang small picture frames, you can use adhesive hooks or nails and avoid punching holes in the walls.
  • For plaster walls, you should use nails or screw hooks to systematically hang your frames.

Step 3. Follow Hanging Thumb Rule

Now, you have to find the right focal point to hang the frames. The thumb rule is to hang a picture at the center of the wall or at 57 inches. It is a standard eye size of the average person, and most art galleries follow that rule. For the right hanging point, you should measure 57 inches on the wall and mark it.

Next, you should measure the photo frame and divide it by two to determine the center point. Once you have taken measurements, minus this from half of your photo height to find 57 inches on your wall and now just strike the hammer.

Step 4. Multiple Hanging Rule

The above rules only applicable when you have to hang one picture, but when you have ordered multiple wall frames for your living room, or you have furniture below the wall – you need to follow other rules such as –

  • When you have to hang a photo frame above your furniture, it should be at least 6-12 inches above the furniture.
  • For a ceiling wall or entryway wall, you can ditch the 57 inche rule and hang the frame a little higher according to what you feel is visually correct.
  • To hang multiple pictures on a wall, ensure that at least the one-inch difference is maintained – on all four sides.

One picture frame can make or break the aesthetic appearance of your living room wall. Thus, when you want to create an immaculate gallery wall in the middle of your living room, you just have to buy the photo frames online from Printawallpaper and hang them quickly and easily.