Move Over Pinks & Blues. Choose The Whole Rainbow For Your Little One

The best wallpapers are the ones that brighten and rejuvenate your living spaces. Each time your guests walk into a room, the wallpaper you choose can either build or ruin the first impression. Apart from your usual home décor, wallpaper is the largest expanse that is visible and having a meaningful one that truly represents the respective room, makes a lot of difference. Today, we will take you on a visual tour of a few cool wallpapers that you could choose for your child’s bedroom or study room.

Break the Myth that Boys like Blue and Girls like Pink

It really is a thing of the past and if you are clinging on to this myth, you are losing out on a whole treasure box of colours and patterns that you could have for your child’s room. Take a space wallpaper, for example.

Apart from being impossibly adorable, it opens up a whole new world for a curious little mind. For a child who loves asking questions and loves digging into the detail of every new find, this wallpaper could be a complete game-changer. Research suggests that visual exposure to images of spaceships, astronauts, the planets and the stars help children to develop a scientific bent of mind, quite early in life.

Kids Love Superheroes On Their Walls

There is no denying the fact that kids love their superheroes on the screen but they also love wallpapers that have Spiderman, Batman or Ironman saving the day. Cartoon wallpapers are the most highly preferred choices for kid’s bedrooms or study rooms. The best part about having wallpapers is the fact that you can keep changing them as and when your children grow up and their preferences change over the years. One day, they might love a Peppa Pig wallpaper and a few years later, they might want Mr. Spidey to spin a web into their room. We know the drill.

For The Love Of Flowers & Butterflies

You could choose to fill up your little one’s bedroom with pretty flowers and butterflies and witness the calming effect they have on your children. Pastel colours on a butterfly wallpaper could add refreshing vibes to the room and also make it a bright and happy place for your child to play in.

The best part about having a brightly imprinted wallpaper is the fact that you wouldn’t need additional wall decals or wall art to decorate the room. The wallpaper would be inviting enough. If you have a newborn baby who needs to be rocked to sleep and is usually a light sleeper, having a floral wallpaper is a great idea. Pastel flowers are usually soothing to the eyes and might even help your little one to drift off to sleep more easily.

Go As You Like It!

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