Wallpaper vs. Paint: You Should Know About

Wallpaper vs. Paint: Searching for an approach to breathe new life into your dreary walls? Settling on the right sort of wall treatment is no simple assignment, given the tremendous number of items accessible today. What’s more, property holders are generally befuddled between two famous alternatives – paint versus Wallpapers for Indian walls.

While both of these enjoy their own benefits, the right alternative will rely upon your one of a kind necessities. To make your choice easier, take a look at how wallpaper vs paint compare on essential factors such as:

  • Variety
  • Ease of application
  • Durability
  • Expense
  • Customisation
  • Maintenance
  • Removal


Variety in tones and finishing is a significant point in case you are hoping to make an exceptional search for your home. Fortunately, there is no deficiency of assortment in both wallpaper and paint.

Paint is accessible in a real sense each tone under the sun – you can blend and match however much you might want. At the point when applied in blend with the many finishing procedures being used today, paint can make dazzling impacts that totally change the vibe of any Indian home. You can likewise look over an assortment of completions like matte, silk, semi-sparkle and shiny.

Wallpaper is additionally accessible in an enormous assortment of tones and examples going from rich old style themes to enthusiastic contemporary examples. Wallpapers additionally come in a wide range of completions like vinyl, texture, foil printed, embellished surfaces, softened cowhide, and the sky is the limit from there!

Taking everything into account, you will be left spoilt for decision with regards to wallpaper versus surface paint.

Ease of application

Between the two, paint is the simpler and less particular alternative for Indian walls. A little while will do the trick for a paint work for a standard size room. Painted walls are additionally exceptionally obliging to approaching, more current layers of paint of a similar shade. By and large, if the surface isn’t too exhausted, another layer of paint can be applied to the more seasoned one.

Wallpaper application is a task best handled by a specialist. The interaction is intricate and requests a ton of time and persistence. Similar remains constant for stripping the wallpaper as well. Another layer of wallpaper can’t be applied on top of the current one.


Great quality paint on walls, when finished well, can last you as long as five years. All things considered, paint will in general blur and piece in regions that have high use and openness to daylight. Thus, modifying will be essential following 3 years or somewhere in the vicinity, possibly sooner for paints in lighter tones.

Wallpapers, then again, will be your drawn out accomplice. Specialists keep up with that a one-time application on Indian walls will keep going for around fifteen years. In any case, wallpaper isn’t safe to tearing. Any incident will imply that you should re-try the entire course of stripping and sticking, which is additional tedious than re-painting.


Is wallpaper less expensive than paint? The short answer is it depends. Peruse on to know why.

Paint is an effectively accessible asset. The time, exertion and expertise needed for application are generally less. This implies that the general expense caused for each paint occupation will be moderately lower than the expense of decorating.

Wallpaper is a more costly, once speculation. Since it endures any longer, it works out to be more financially savvy in the more extended run.


Paint offers plentiful freedom for customisation. Paints can be produced in any shading you can consider. You can look over great many paint samples or blend tones and colors to get an accurately redone shading.

Wallpaper is somewhat another contestant in India. However there is a wide assortment of standard plans accessible in stores the nation over, it’s interesting to discover a merchant to print out custom examples.

Do remember that both paint and wallpaper on Indian walls can be applied distinctly on smoothened walls. You can decide to have a blend of wallpaper and paint in your home as well – wallpaper for your rich, selective attracting room and paint to light up different regions that see more traffic. This will give each space in your home its own remarkable person. So pick as indicated by your requirements and add dazzling embellishments to your walls.


Your paint occupation may require a yearly touch-up to remain fit as a fiddle. Each kind of paint accompanies its own consideration guidelines. Other than that, attempt and get it far from the desolates of nature.

Wallpapers are relatively less complex to keep up with. Basically wipe it down with a clammy material (cloth), and it’s all acceptable!


Eliminating paint is a broad interaction that may lead you to believe, is it truly important to take the paint off? The cycle begins with scratching the old paint off the dividers, stripping it down and afterward sanding it for smooth dividers that you can cover up once more. You’ll likewise have a ton to tidy up once the cycle is finished and ordinarily requires work.

Then again, in the event that you pick strip and-glue wallpaper, you can eliminate it effortlessly. In the event that you’ve utilized customary wallpaper, scratch it off bit by bit. However, does wallpaper harm walls? Relax, it doesn’t! After expulsion, it will be all around great.

As yet suspecting what’s better in wallpaper versus paint? Here’s a fast gathering for you.

CostLess expensiveMore expensive
Installation time2-7 daysLess than 1 day
Installation requirementLess skilled labourMore skilled / self-installation
DurabilityUpto 5 yearsUpto 15 years under right circumstances
MaintenanceDepends on qualityEasy
VarietyLimited finishingWide range of options with smooth finishing
On Imperfect wallsNeeded to be filled in and sanded before paintingHides minor imperfections

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