Peace out with Buddha

Buddha means the enlightened one, or the one who has attained ‘Bodhi’ or wisdom. Gautama Buddha’s teachings form the tenets of Buddhism which focus on doing good karma and self realization through meditation. It is this peaceful way of life that millions around the world have adopted and even followers from other religions take away concepts from his teachings. Buddha also is the primary figurine, around which people meditate and it gives them a sense of calm. His figurines are quite popular and used in home décor especially in Asian décor. Interior designers use Buddha statues, Buddha Wallpaper and other Buddha artifacts to create a peaceful home decor.

One generally sees a Buddha in a calm meditation pose but there are other poses and each pose has a specific meaning attached to it. Depending on which state of mind you want to focus on and incorporate in your home you can choose the Buddha pose.


The Protector

This pose has the Buddha with a raised hand like a shield and could be sitting or standing. It signifies courage and signals overcoming of fear, anger and negative feelings. This Buddha Wallpaper shows the Protection Pose and can be used in your home to give strength and courage to the family.

The Calming force

Buddha in a meditative pose is the most common pose you will see, it inspires serenity and calm. In this he is seen with his legs crossed in a Lotus position, with eyes closed. You could include a Buddha Wallpaper or statue in your meditation room or even in a peaceful corner in the study room for a calming atmosphere.

The Healer

In this pose Buddha is blessing mankind with the knowledge of medicine while the right hand which faces down towards the earth signifies granting a boon. You can place a statue of this pose or even a Buddha Wallpaper in your home for health and happiness.

The Teacher

Buddha’s teachings have changed the world and this pose signifies his teachings, his right hand curved depicts the teaching of Wheel of Dharma. It is a great idea to have this figurine in your child’s study room or even in an office library or conference hall to get the atmosphere for learning.


The Long lived

This Buddha is older looking and has more oriental features as it is used in Asian cultures; he has a beard and a jovial expression on his face depicting a full and enjoyable life. People can use it in their gardens or homes to signify a long life.

The Good Luck charm

This Buddha is very happy and is a symbol of good luck and prosperity. You can include it in your home décor generally in the South East corner of your home to bring home good luck!


Although we commonly use the Buddha in home décor, he is a religious figure and is accordingly venerated. You need to keep these ground rules in mind while using Buddha in your décor –

  • Don’t place the figurine on the floor or bathroom.
  • In bedroom, the figurine should be in a closed closet.
  • A person should be able to see the figurine when entering the room.

You can ensure you follow these rules by using a Buddha Wallpaper as it’s easier to place rather than a statue. There are several beautiful Buddha Wallpaper ideas that you can choose from this gallery. Apart from the statues and wallpapers you can also include other Asian décor elements like Bamboo plants, Wind chimes and Paper Fans.

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