The Most Common Wallpaper Missteps You Were Making

Common Wallpaper Missteps: If the influx of pattern-filled house tours and designer-approved collections is any indication, the wallpaper renaissance is far from over. However, while lining walls with a luscious repeat may add texture or visual interest to a client’s space, there is a lot of room for error.

Just as room size, layout, and natural light influence which colour or finish you choose for a paint job, various environmental factors should be considered when choosing the right wallpaper. A single erroneous move or a less-than-perfect repetition can destabilise the entire atmosphere. (In fact, the margin of error is so narrow that it’s possible to make a wallpaper error without even realising it.)
Don’t worry, assistance is on its way. ECV India asked a few savvy designers about the most common wallpaper blunders—and how to make this eye-catching feature look its best.

Mistake 1: Not lining the walls. Before installing a textured, luxury wallcovering, do your research and hire a wallpaper installer who is knowledgeable about luxury papers. Then, take the time to question him or her about the advantages of lining your walls. [Editor’s note: “Lining the walls” refers to the process of adhering a layer of paper to the wall prior to applying wallpaper. Lining paper can help conceal surface irregularities while also protecting the underlying wall.] Although not required, lining your walls is always a good idea and will help the paper last longer.”

Mistake 2: Investing heavily in wallcoverings while skimping on installation. It’s critical not to skimp on installation. Use a seasoned hanger who understands what they’re doing. Going with a cheaper installer can mean ruining an entire batch of wallpaper and having to buy it all over again. There will almost always be a corner of a room where the pattern will not match, so decide which corner is the least important before you begin hanging.” —Heuman, Beata

“If the paper begins to bubble in places after it’s been hung, use a syringe to inject a bit of wallpaper paste, and it usually settles down.”

Mistake 3: failing to read the instructions. You’d be surprised how many installers believe that all wallpapers should be treated equally. A textured wallcovering, such as our Mighty Jungle paper, must be handled with caution. Use the correct glue as directed by the manufacturer. Using the incorrect paste may cause the paper to slide down your walls, and oversaturating the paper with glue will result in bubbles and wet patches that seep through. Nobody wants that.

PRO Tip: Instead of pasting the paper, paste the wall with a very thin coating.

Mistake 4: Misdirecting the mood. A lot of times, people choose a wallcovering based solely on aesthetics, but the mood and feeling of a space should also be taken into account. When a client walks into a space, I always ask them how they want to feel. What kind of atmosphere do they want to create in the room? In this dining room, our clients desired stimulation as well as softness. This Fromental paper strikes the ideal balance. It makes no difference how lovely the paper is if
you don’t feel the way you want to when you walk into the room!

Mistake 5: Thinking of wallpaper as a one-and-done project. When people commit to putting up boldly patterned wallpaper, they frequently believe that is all they can do; that the paper is sufficient decoration.” I completely disagree. The wallpaper is a striking and bold foundation, but I believe that hanging art over wallpaper can create a more layered, visually interesting, and enticing look. Consider the art’s subject matter and colours, as well as the frame material and finish, to ensure that the overall vibe of the space works.

PRO Tip: “Bold, confident wallpaper deserves bold, confident art,” says the pro.

Mistake 6: Failing to conduct a dry run in a difficult layout. A common blunder is a sloppy layout with patterned wallpaper. The goal is to make it look purposeful and well planned; the best way to achieve this is to do a dry-layout with your installer and be onsite (and paying attention) so you can make simple adjustments while the paste is still wet.

PRO Tip: “Don’t put off fixing the layout; do it when it’s simple.”

Mistake 7: Underestimating the size of your mural. “When purchasing mural wallpaper, make sure to precisely measure around the doorways, windows, ceiling height, and so on.” Murals are designed to be specific to the room in which they are installed, so you don’t want any of the pretty parts of the design to be cut off during installation because the measurements were off!”

Mistake 8: Exercising excessive restraint. Knowing which surfaces should be covered to maximise impact is one of the most overlooked aspects of wallcovering.” Many people believe that in rooms with clipped ceilings, they should not paper the sloped portion, but this is usually what creates the most impact and cosiness. We sometimes cover the ceiling as well, depending on the pattern of the paper, for a completely enveloping vibe. In my experience, the conditions that necessitate a lonely accent wall are uncommon.

PRO Tip: “The right pattern or texture on a ceiling can be a real showpiece!”

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