10 reasons wall coverings are the best home decor solution

Are you looking to reinvent your lovely abode and add your style quotient to it? Welcome to the new age of designer walls!! Paints have long progressed from plain to textures and the patterns that speak of your tastes and style. Designer Wallpapers have revolutionized the world of home decor, listed below are 10 reasons wall coverings are the best home decor solution.

  1. Long life: Wallpapers stick to the walls quite well and can last for as long as 5-7 years. They are 3 times stronger than the wall paint. Paint may fade or lose luster but our top-end commercial wallpaper and our best installation procedures ensure you beautiful walls for years. Click here to check the durability of our wallpaper materials.
  2. Detailing: Paints will bring texture and patterns to your walls. But great wall covering ideas can add such fine details to your walls that only a world class artist could paint. Check out the breath taking details the wallpapers have brought to these bedroom walls. 
  3. Quick to install: Bring vibrancy to your wall with a wall covering that speaks to you about your passion and dreams. A little scrubbing here, some glue there and your wall make-over is complete. Check out some amazing wall covering ideas for living room here.
  4. Variety to choose fromWall coverings ideas are full of colors and designs. You can create an unparalleled look with unique wall covering. Choose the perfect designer wallpaper from nature, travel, geometric, textures, abstracts and murals to create an environment of your choice that brings you a smile to your face.
  5. Premium range: They are a one-time investment that speaks of class and of premium quality. They save you the repairs cost required over years due to their longevity and durability.
  6. Aesthetic element: You can create a stunning look on your wall with these wall covering ideas. Add a style to the wall that defines you and your personality. With a wide range to choose and feel from, you can make an instant connection to a wall covering. Are you still doubting the look they can bring to your wall? You must check this out
  7. Customization Available: If you are one who loves everything personalized, custom wall coverings are for you. A picture memory of your choice can be an eye candy for your favorite wall while a quote makes a perfect piece for your bedroom or study wall, send us the image and we will take care of rest 
  8. Visual manipulation: Yes, a wallpaper can change the size and shape of your room but just visually. You can go for cool and neutral tones to give a wider look to a smaller space. If the room feels too big and empty, add a patterned or warm colored wall covering to bring coziness.
  9. Mess free: If you do not like the dust and dirt of the messy paint job, wall covering is a respite for you. No scrubbing, no stains, a clean job to a beautiful wall!! Have a look at how easy they are to install
  10. Post application comfort: Kids, pregnant ladies or people who are allergic can face severe issues with painting jobs around. Wallpaper renders no such discomfort to anyone.

We have brought a completely new dimension to the wall covering world taking care of all the aspects of your classy tastes. If you are looking for a wall that matches your style look at our premium wall mural collection here or we are just a call away!!