Top 50 Wall Murals for Home or Office

Evoke the luxury of your home. Make your home welcoming and fresh, this time let your walls create a mesmerizing scene.  Are you looking for some idea to reinvent your plain walls? Bring home a fantastic Wall Mural to add your style to the walls. With these murals, your walls will be a master piece, view of the informal street or a refined art gallery.

Are office spaces looking boring? Add a gorgeous mural art on the wall. It may be one that talks about your dreams or a custom quote that pushes you to excellence. Make your pick from our Top 50 Wall Murals for your home or office.

Bring Nature Green Closer

Imagine opening your eyes to witness the most natural green in the highest resolution, does it already bring a smile? Be closer to nature with our series that drives inspiration from nature’s best. Harmonize your home with color green!!

Bamboo and Soaring Trees

Bamboo and soaring trees symbolize health and prosperity. Having them around soars up the happiness quotient. Create a wall that is aesthetically pleasing and enchanting.
Must have a look at our Bamboo series:

Enlighten your home

Buddha brings serenity and Krishna brings love. The Buddha Mural Art is perfect for spas and bath spaces too. Close your eyes and imagine your living room wall with a serene Buddha!! Finding it difficult to imagine. Fair enough take a look at it in our ultimate gallery collection.

Textured walls

If your tastes are minimalistic. No problem! Our textured wall murals ideas are appropriate for you. Bring a classy and soothing look to your favorite wall at home or work and treat yourself to its warmth.

Floral Backdrops Wall Murals

Aesthetic, what does it mean to you? Bring home the aesthetic element of freshness. That’s just part of the story, it brings with it the delicate vibrant petals in nature’s lap on your favorite wall.

Fauna Backdrops Wall Murals

God’s hands crafted the fauna with utmost precision. The vibrancy these lively arts bring to your walls is mesmerizing. Soaring birds and racing cheetah on our supreme quality wallpapers are pixel perfect. Choose your favorite from our Animals gallery.

A traveler in you

Travel gives you the most precious moments. If you plan to span the world along with the travel bug in you, our series of world’s most enchanting parts on custom wall mural will be a treat to your eyes and soul.

The world in a glance

Maps are intricate. Our Map series is a piece for your wall from the realistic world. Our series range from the ages of Columbus to neutral, pastel and classic wallpapers. Click and choose the Map and dream your journey ahead.

Love for abstract

Abstract shapes and colors create a look that rewires your brain. The vibrant colors and endless shapes talk to you while in the office or at home.

The Unusual Wall Murals

Do you have the flair for unusual things? Ranging from punches to drinks, these will be an eye candy for you.

Buildings Wall Murals

An architect’s art is not only concrete and iron. It’s the beauty created on a paper and implanted on the ground. Get the world’s choicest architectural pieces on your wall.

Kids Wall Murals

Bring kids’ dreams onto their walls and enhance their creativity. Tuck them in the bed and hear them make tales out of the trainsspaceships, and cartoons with these wall murals.

Beaches Wall Murals

The peace and calm beaches provide at a glance can take away all the tiredness of the day. A refreshing morning at the beach will give your day a kick start.

They say walls have ears but we believe walls talk. With our lively range of wall murals, make your walls the talk of the town!! Call us or click here to create exotic walls from our collection of more than 5,000 wall murals!!!