Setting up a new office? Enhance productivity with these decor ideas for office

An office is the physical embodiment of what your company stands for, it is the space where your employees work towards creating value for your customer and the company. The physical work space also makes an impact on the psyche of employees which is why a lot of companies are putting in more effort in creating cool office décor and think of various office decor ideas & also have a style guide. You should create a fun, creative, comfortable office space for your employees that will enhance their productivity and make them happy about spending time in office; here is a style guide for offices –

Office Decor Ideas & Style Guide for travel companies

Travel companies literally make dreams come true for their clients! The promise of adventure and great experiences start right from the office and that is why office décor ideas that inspire travel are perfect for such companies. It will also motivate employees to find the best location and create the best tours for your clients. One of the best ways to incorporate travel theme in your office décor ideas & style guide is to use travel wallpapers. You can choose from Indian theme, world mapsoceans and beaches or simply nature wallpaper themes for your office décor.


Office Decor Ideas & Style Guide for architecture companies

Imagining an architectural marvel out of nothing is creativity at its best. Architects continuously draw inspiration through works of art and other architecture and even from nature, and the best way to productivity is to create such an atmosphere at officeCityscapestall buildingsbridges, all these images would work very well as wallpapers for your architecture office. The magnificent images will constantly spur their creativity and work as great office décor ideas & style guide.


Office Decor Ideas & Style Guide for startup companies

Startups are changing the way office environments look and feel, they are moving away from cubicles and rooms to open floor offices and bean bags! They hire millennials who want to work in colorful spaces that are lively and keep their creative brains buzzing. If you are setting up a startup office, the best office décor idea is to use wallpapers as they enhance the look of the room instantly. You can use text graphicsabstract, geometrics, and the cool exploding wallpapers to set the funky tone of your startup office where employees love to come to work!

Office Decor Ideas & Style Guide for services companies 

Service oriented companies like financial services, health services, consumer services all focus on the customer and customer service. They need to motivate their employees to focus on their customers and drive home the point that ‘customer is the king’. For such offices, motivational wallpaper or custom wallpaper with the company’s logo and motto will inspire employees to do their best and be the perfect office décor idea.

Office Decor Ideas & Style Guide for Creative & Advertising agency

Creative agencies include advertising companies, Social media companies, designing companies that thrive on creating excellent creative work. Such companies want their employees to give their best creative ideas for their clients and you want an office which will reflect this enthusiasm. Your office décor ideas & style guide should be enthusiastic and cheerful; you can use wallpapers to display this by using text bubblesart and funky 3D images.


Office Decor Ideas & Style Guide for Corporate Companies

Multinational companies and conglomerates occupy huge office space and entire buildings even! For such companies the key is to have a consistent office décor & style guide through the entire office space. This can be done by choosing one theme based on the industry and use it through wallpapers which are perfect for office décor. You can use inspiring office décor ideas with modern & stylish designs.

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